Delegates’ Convention in Athens

Delegiertenkonvent Athen 2014Delegates from the constituencies gathered at the Delegates’ Convention which was staged this time around in the Greek capital of Athens from 29 September to 4 October. Athens was the venue of the 2014 Delegates’ Convention which was held from 29 September to 4 October. 36 Full Members, to which the entire Managing Board belonged, travelled to Greece to conduct necessary statutory business and discuss the articles of association. The schedule also included the opening of an international exhibition as well as various social events.

International exhibition

CSM Athen

The international exhibition was held at the Zappeion in Athens. A total of 145 works by 59 mouth and foot painters from all over the world were displayed on this occasion. First inaugurated in 1888, the Zappeion is a classicist building located on the southern edge of the centre of Athens. The VDMFK’s international exhibition was held at this historic site from 2-8 October, with the opening ceremonies taking place outdoors in the atrium. With its display of 145 works by 59 mouth and foot painters from all over the world, the exhibition was staged by VDMFK President Serge Maudet, Christine Papageorgiou, Member of the Board of the Chamber of Arts and Professor Emmanuel Mikroyannaki, President of the Parnassos Association of Literature. VDMFK President Maudet spoke a few words on behalf of the Association. As he emphasised:

“Our Association comprises 800 artists from all five continents of the globe. We paint our ideas and send our work to the Association, which selects works and reproduces them on cards and calendars in cooperation with local publishers. When visiting the exhibition and looking at the paintings, we urge you not to think that these works of art were painted by people with disabilities. Anyone can see that each picture constitutes a piece of poetry. We mouth and foot painters share a common desire to express ourselves.”