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The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World, registered society, (VDMFK) supports and promotes artists who, due to disability or disease, cannot create their works of art with their hands, but have to use their mouths or their feet. From a small group of 18 mouth and foot painting artists, the VDMFK developed over the course of the years into an association which is active worldwide and already represented in 78 countries of the world with currently about 815 artists.

News from all over the world

The AMFPA celebrates its 60 years of existence!

60 years ago, in March 1957, 15 mouth and foot painters met in the Waldhotel in Vaduz and founded an association that is still unique … more

A tribute to the city

The Brazilian publishing house organized an exhibition that exclusively shows paintings of the City of Sao Paulo. The Brazilian artists worked hard during the last … more

Meet the artist

British mouth painter Christopher Keith Jansz lives in Finmere nearby a school. As the art classes of that school are working on a trees project, … more

New member from South Africa

The VDMFK welcomes Dieter Marzinger as a new Associated Member. On the occasion of last December’s board meeting, he was elected unanimously by the board … more

Exhibiton organised by the Slovene publishing house

After a four-year waiting period, publishing house Slovenia was able to organize an exhibition in the renowned birthplace of writer and poet Ivan Cankar in … more

Art does not have any barrier

From 8th to 17th December 2016, various artists from 7 nations exhibited their works at the Carrousell de Louvre in Paris. Among the works of … more

Exhibition in the Louvre

Each year, hundreds of artists from different nations participate in exhibitions at the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris. From 8 to … more

Internaional Exhibition from 25 to 27 November 2016

Usually the Tonhalle in St. Gallen (Switzerland) is the home of music. Built at the beginning of the 20th century in the typical Neo-Baroque and … more

Exhibition in the sanctuary

Until the 27th of November 2016, various pictures of eleven mouth and foot painters from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia can be seen in the Sanctuary … more

Award for Brazilian Artists

On the 25th of October some Brazilian Mouth- and Foot painters participated at the 29th Arts Saloon, which is arranged every year by the Commercial … more

Deceased publisher

It is our sad duty to inform you that the long-standing publisher Henry Ching from Taiwan died on October 22nd 2016. Together with his wife, … more

Folder Louvre 2016

Exhibition in the City of light

Brazilian mouth- and foot painter Maria Goret Chagas is honoured to present her paintings at the Carrousel de Louvre from October 21st to October 23rd … more

VDMFK booklet 12/2016

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