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The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World, registered society, (VDMFK) supports and promotes artists who, due to disability or disease, cannot create their works of art with their hands, but have to use their mouths or their feet. From a small group of 18 mouth and foot painting artists, the VDMFK developed over the course of the years into an association which is active worldwide and already represented in 72 countries of the world with currently about 780 artists.

News from all over the world

“Football Parade”in São Paulo

On July 12th  and 13th,  the Brazilian Associação Pintores com a Boca e Pés (APBP) participated in the ”Football Parade”, an event commemorating the 70 … more

Salatiga Expo 2018, Indonesia

From the 13th to the 15th of July, the foot painter Sabar Subadri took part on the Salatiga Expo 2018 in Java. It was held … more

Visit to the education center

In the education center for social professions in St. Pölten, Heinz Halwachs was given the opportunity to present his painting skills to the professors and … more

Artist Workshop in Poland

In May, the publishing house of Poland held a workshop in Polanica Zdrój that last several days. The following artists took part in the workshop: … more

For a special purpose

As every year, Israel’s biggest financial institution, „Bank Hapoalim“, transforms it’s headquarter into an art gallery. The social purpose of this year’s exhibition was the … more

Art breaks barriers!

The self-made video by foot painter Tom Yendell from the UK has been viewed an incredible 50 million times! on the Facebook channel of “„People … more

Open day in Copenhagen

On May 5th and 15th ,2018, the Danish publishing house held two open days in Copenhagen. The Danish artists Ruth Christensen, Ann Lund Wahlberg and … more

Sabar Subadri on Indonesian Television

On March 8, 2018, the Indonesian member Sabar Subadri was invited by the local TV channel TRANS TV to the popular midday show “Brownis”. He … more

International Women’s Day 2018

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2018, mouth painter Rosie Moriarty-Simmonds has been included in the Walesonline list of ‘100 Women a celebration … more

An invitation from the Sheikh

Jesfer Pulikkathody, mouthpainter from India, was able to accomplish one of his long cherished dreams.  He travelled to Dubai in response to an invitation from … more

In honour of Silvio Mehle

The Slovenian mouth painter Silvo Mehle died a year ago. The versatile artist was very popular among friends, mouth- foot painters and art critics from … more

An honorable award

Sunitha THRIPPANIKKARA, a scholarship holder from India, was awarded with the “Award for Outstanding Creative Adult Persons with Disabilities” on 3rd December 2017 in New … more

VDMFK booklet 07/2018

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